I see her from my balcony in Ain Er Rommane in Beirut. In the house opposite, on the floor above mine, she marches back and forth on her balcony for at least half an hour. She walks daily before sunrise and after sunset. This is important for her knees, she tells me a few days later over coffee and cigarettes. I would like to discover her story but to all my questions she only answers: “Je me souviens pas”. Two days later, when we meet for another chat, she does disclose a couple of small fragments about her past.That she moved from the small village of Kfar Nabrak to Beirut for her training in business law and later married her boss and raised two children with him. He was some years older than she was. I ask her how she experienced the civil war period. “Je me souviens pas. Je vis un vie très simple, je ne sors plus”.